You can download the preliminary programme here: PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Keynote speakers:

› Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

› Professor Kevin Foster, University of Oxford, UK

Invited speakers

› Assistant Professor Joan Geoghegan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

› Professor Henny van der Mei, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

› Professor Ross Carlson, Montana State University, USA

› PhD Vaughn Cooper, University of Pittsburgh, USA

› Dr. Romain Briandet, INRA, France

› Assistant Professor Lars Dietrich, Columbia University, USA

The programme will cover the topics:

  • Molecular mechanisms in biofilm formation
  • The biofilm matrix
  • Bacterial attachment
  • Modelling biofilms
  • Biofilm ecology
  • Evolution in biofilms
  • Biofilm contro
  • Novel methods for biofilm characterization