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Round table discussions - you choose where to be!

Table 1: Discussions on domestic China: politics, econymy and society

Moderators: William Callahan (LSE), Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard (CBS) and Chief Analyst Allan von Mehren (Danske Bank)


The political landscape in China has changed under the leadership of President Xi Jinping as power has been centralised and increasingly transferred to the Communist Party of China. At the same time the economic policy agenda has shifted towards a high focus on quality over quantity in growth and investment in technology and innovation. The latter is represented in China’s “Made in China 2025 Strategy”, which plays a key role in the current trade conflict with the US. A conflict that could have a big impact on the Chinese economy in the coming years. We will discuss how a more centralised leadership, new economic priorities and a looming trade war with the US will shape the business environment in China  going forward. Opportunities as well as challenges for Danish companies will also be discussed. 


Table 2:  Discussions on Belt & Road Initiative and Chinese international businesses

Moderators: Yang Jiang (DIIS) and Luke Patey (DIIS) and Managing Director Jens Eskelund (Maersk)

As Chinese economic investment in Denmark intensifies, together with its Belt and Road Initiative, Danish businesses can learn more about what opportunities and hazards may lie ahead for them. In particular, what are the tricky parts in collaborating with a big Chinese state-owned enterprise? At the same time, companies get inspirations about where the advantage and niche of Danish businesses are, if they want to get a piece of the cake from the big Chinese overseas investment boom. Future collaboration between businesses and researchers about China's industrial development, policies and international businesses in a certain sector can be discussed.


Table 3: Discussions on China's green tech and agricultural development

Moderators: Jørgen Delman (KU), Anders Sybrandt Hansen (AU), Mikkel Bunkenborg (KU) and Chief Consultant Jørgen Bollesen (EKF)


Table 4: Discussions on Chinese tourism to Denmark and Europe

Moderators: Ane Bislev (AAU) and Manager Maria Stilund Sommer (MeetingVejle)


Chinese outbound tourism is booming. However, in Denmark Chinese tourists rarely travel beyond the greater Copenhagen area. At this roundtable, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges inherent in bringing Chinese tourists to Denmark with a special focus on Chinese tourists outside the Copenhagen area. This demands a much more nuanced understanding of the Chinese tourists. Not only in terms of their background and preferences but also in terms of their ideas of Denmark as well as their conception of what constitutes a good and authentic tourist experience. Ideas for future collaboration between the tourism industry, DMOs and researchers can also be discussed.


Table 5: Discussions on intercultural collaboration and human resources in Danish-Chinese business

Moderators: Mette Thunø (AU), Stig Thøgersen (AU) and Partner Anders Trillingsgaard (UKON A/S)

Danish and Chinese companies are increasingly collaborating across languages and cultures, but what type of challenges do companies experience? How are these types of HR challenges best solved? What may we expect of the new generation of Chinese employees entering the labour market? If you want to discuss and learn more from researchers and other companies on how best to tackle intercultural issues and leverage diversity into creativity then come join us. You will also be able to learn more on China’s changing educational system and what we may expect from the future generations in terms of creativity and innovation. We are also happy to open up for discussions on the potentials for collaboration between research and businesses on research projects, internships and industrial PhD projects.