New challenges for organization and leadership

  The 6th Nordic conference on Church organization and leadership  

Conference Information

  • Conference Date:
    28-30 November 2018
    Lunch Wednesday to lunch Friday 

  • Venue:
    Aarhus, Denmark 

  • Conference fee:
    1500 DKK



Our conference aims to present and discuss research on the questions of relations between churches and civil society. These relations are undergoing changes. First, changing relations between state and church have several consequences. Disconnecting or separating churches from state administration tend to “push” churches more into the realm of civil society. Churches need to adapt their organisational and leadership structures to those of civil society organization. Relying on those of bureaucratic state institutions is now in the past. But this also raises questions about how theologies and organizational values of churches might also change. Second, the role of the state in relation to local communities is changing. Increasing centralization and cut back on institutions, infrastructure and welfare services affect local communities. Consequently, civil society agents including churches play a larger role in local welfare provision. Often, voluntarism is an important ingredient of their activities and services. Thus, leadership of volunteers and groups and activities play an increasing role in church organization. How churches relate to other civil society agents become a pressing issue of church leadership and organization.  

Confirmed speakers