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About IBO

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) is an annual event where students from all over the world compete on their knowledge of biology. The participants are school students up to age 19. To take part in the IBO, the students must be in the top four in the National Biology Olympiad in their individual countries.


  • The IBO aims to provide young students with an educational experience, as well as promoting an interest in biology.
  • The IBO aims to stimulate talented young people in the field of biology and help them on their way to a career in biological research.
  • The IBO provides an ideal opportunity for collaboration and inspiration between students, researchers and universities across national borders.

IBO Coordinating Centre

The IBO Coordinating Centre in Prague acts as the overall secretariat for the International Biology Olympiad.

The centre coordinates all IBO activites and communicates with the IBO coordinators in all the member countries.

For more detailed information about rules, regulations and general content of the competition, go to the IBO Regulations Guide.


Highlights from IBO 2014 - Indonesia

Highlights from IBO 2013 - Switzerland