Theme: Understanding animal behaviour

Topics in short

  • The world of animals: senses and perception
    The first session at the ISAE2017 addresses the importance of understanding animals’ senses to be able to understand animal behaviour
  • Animal affective states
    The session covering Animal Affective States will address the topic from many different angles involving both mammals and birds and wild as well as domestic animal species. 
  • Animal learning and cognition
    The ability to learn enables animals to adapt to a variety of environments. The better we understand how animals learn and what their cognitive abilities are, the easier and more productive our interaction with them will be. 
  • Maternal and neonatal behaviour
    New insight about how management, housing, genetic and nutritional factors influence maternal care are presented in this interesting session. 
  • Human-animal interactions
    In the session on Human-animal interactions, on the first day of the conference, we are presented with a wide range of studies, both with regard to research questions and species. 
  • Applying ethology in the keeping of animals
    The largest session of the ISAE2017 covers studies that use behavioural science to provide evidence on how to keep domestic animals.    

Other topics (descriptions to come)

  • Social behaviour of animals
  • Animal stress responses
  • Free papers

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