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Human-animal interaction

In the session on Human-animal interactions, on the first day of the conference, we are presented with a wide range of studies, both with regard to research questions and species.

We begin with a key-note presentation about the genetic background for the close inter-relationship between humans and dog, and we then move on to human-rat relationships with a focus on rat tickling. Before we set out to sea and get an update about the impact of tourism on the welfare of marine animals, we will hear the results from two studies about handling.

The first is about how training and long working hours affect how stock people handle beef cattle, and the second about horses’ response to routine handling. The posters in this session include studies on human-animal tests; dog studies that focus on personality traits, studies of shelter dogs and therapy dogs, and a study about preventive training methods for horses.

Finally, in a relatively new topic for the ISAE audience, firstly the welfare of animals used in therapeutic treatments of humans and secondly how to measure the effect of these interventions on humans.