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The world of animals: senses and perception

The first session at the ISAE2017 is entitled "The world of animals: senses and perception".

This session addresses the importance of understanding animals’ senses to be able to understand animal behaviour. In his plenary lecture, Professor Peter Teglberg Madsen will take us underwater to the sensory world of echolocating whales where he will show us how these animals perceive their surrounding environment and offers inspiration on how to use biologging technology to quantify the relationships between complex stimuli and animal behaviour.

This session also includes two key-note talks.

The first key-note outlines how differences in sensory abilities between species affect the behaviour and welfare of domestic mammals and birds. The second key-note is focusing on the role of olfaction in relation to animal stress. The theatre and poster presentations further illustrate the role of senses and perception for the world of animals as well as the effects that the domestic environment may exert on animals’ senses and perception.