The final conference program will soon be published 

Confirmed authors and titles



Søren Rysgaard (KEY NOTE) - Climate change, carbon cycling and air-sea exchange

C.J. Mundy  (KEY NOTE)   - Sea Ice dynamics including the ice bridge formation

Dany Dumont - The North Water ice bridge shape and life cycle variability

Till Soya Rasmussen - The representation of the North Water in coupled ocean and sea ice models

Sofia Ribeiro  (KEY NOTE) - The last 4000 years

Audrey Limoges - Late Holocene Changes in Primary Production and Sea-surface Conditions in the NOW

Thomas A. Davidson – Greening of the Arctic: When and how have seabirds transformed the fresh Waters of the NOW polynya? 

Martin Appelt - How can historical and archaeological records be used as proxies of the Dynamics of the NOW ecosystem? 

Natascha Kumar - Climate and environmental change over the past 4000 years in a High Arctic polynya - a biomarker approach

Karl Brix Zinglersen - Update and detailing of the IBCAO bathymetry model over Greenland          

Louis Fortier  (KEY NOTE) - The winter ecosystem: a gap in our understanding of the North Water

Igor Eulaers - The use of ecogeochemical tracers to quantify food web dynamics in the Northwater region

Mathieu LeBlanc - Importance in the timing of the North Water (NOW) polynya formation for polar cod Boreogadus saida and its zooplankton prey. 

Jean-Éric Tremblay - Is the North Water still a biologically productive oasis?

Eva Friis Møller - Plankton dynamics in the NOW and Northeastern Baffin Bay

Mikael Sejr – Identifying climatic drivers of range expansion of a boreal species into the North Water

Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen  (KEY NOTE)  - Overview of the populations and assessing  sustainability of current use of living resources and new potentials 

Rikke Guldborg - Narwhals -Is it NOW or NEW?

Anders Mosbech – Little Auks and Thick-billed Murres in the NOW and Baffin Bay

Eva Garde – The Walrus in Smith Sound

Kasper Lambert Johansen - The Piniariarneq project: Inughuit hunters map their important hunting areas

Jesper Boje – Fisheries in the northern Baffin Bay and its future potential

David Boertmann & Tom Christensen  (KEY NOTE)  - Anthropogenic stressors in the NOW – today and in the future

Rune Dietz  (KEY NOTE)  - How the traditional lifestyle and diet in the Northwater region are challenged by long-range pollution

Mette Frost - Modelling oil spill trajectories in Melville Bay and the North Water Polynya

A Gaden - Petroleum hydrocarbons in Baffin Bay sediment and sea stars

Erin Keenan - Tools for Marine Conservation Planning in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Jennifer Burnham - Status of Mercury Concentration in Twenty-four Bird Species in Northwest Greenland

Line A. Kyhn - Effects of seismic surveys on marine mammals in Baffin Bay and Greenland regulation

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