Museum Research

The Value and Impact of Museum Research

Børnehavebørn sanser arkæologiske fund på Københavns Museum. Foto: Julie Blicher Trojaborg
HMS St. George's stranding. Foto: Standingsmuseum, St. George.
Pædagogstuderende undervises i arkæologisk metode. Foto: Julie Blicher Trojaborg.

The Museum Research track aims to present and discuss research conducted in museums and the impact of this research. As a part of the track, Julius Bomholt award winner is announced. This track is organized by The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces and the Ministry of Culture’s Research Committee. Please note, this seminar will be held in Danish!

Room: Auditorium, Tåsingegade 1, 1441-012


Thursday 9-10.30: How to Disseminate and Make Museum Research More Visible
During the last couple of years, more focus has been put on how results of museum research can be better utilized and disseminated. Which channels of communication should be used, if the research is to benefit others than the museums themselves? And what role does collaboration with other parties, including the universities, play in this connection? These questions and others focusing on the value of museum research and impact will be discussed in the session.

Thursday 10.55-12.30: Enhancing skills and retaining knowledge in the museums
This session will follow up on the transition period from 2013-17, where there has been a focus on enhancing and upgrading the research skills of museum employees. Are there any particular trends which have become evident, and looking forward what is needed to support research in the museums? The session will also focus its attention on jointly funded PhD projects and their challenges in the intersection between cultural institution(s) and universities, and the partnerships between these two.   

Thursday kl. 13.30-15: The Julius Bomholt seminar
The Julius Bomholt seminar provides researchers from different institutions and academic backgrounds with the opportunity to meet, share experiences and inspire each other. At this event, the Ministry of Culture's Research Committee (KFU) focuses on research and celebrates the diversity of exciting projects carried out by institutions under the Ministry of Culture and at the state-approved museums. The seminar consists of a number of presentations and the awarding of The Julius Bomholt Prize. This is awarded for innovative and collaborative research of the highest quality, published in the last three years.

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