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Abstract Catelijne Muller

3 Callenges of AI for Society (and how (Not) to Address Them)

It is virtually undisputed that AI can have significant benefits for society: applications can be used to make farming more sustainable and production processes more environmentally friendly, improve the safety of transport, work and the financial system, provide better medical treatment and in countless other ways. Indeed, it could even potentially help eradicate disease and poverty. But the benefits associated with AI can only be achieved if the challenges surrounding it are also addressed. In her opinion on Artificial Intelligence & Society, Catelijne Muller, Rapporteur on Artificial Intelligence of the European Economic and Social Committee, has identified 11 areas where AI raises societal concerns, ranging from ethics, safety, transparency, privacy and standards to labour, education, access, laws and regulations, governance, democracy, but also warfare and superintelligence. She will zoom into 3 of these challenges in her keynote speech and offer some suggestions on how (not) to address them.