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Deconstruction of Roboethics through the Concept “Robomot”

Hiroya Shimoyama, Nagoya University of Arts, Japan

In this research, referring to works of Jacques Derrida and David J. Gunkel, we will propose a new concept “Robomot”. Jacques Derrida considers the subjectivation through animals, and he shows that the way of subjectivation will be possible by the contrast with no-human beings such as animals and beasts. Gunkel also follows this argument, he shows that the way of subjectivation is possible by the contrast with machines and robots. Human beings can always already define “the subject”, “I”, and “ego” by helping others. We need others to talk about “subject”, but this other is the same. We will clarify the sacrifice structure of exclusion-inclusion in the ethics, and how to deconstruct this structure. For to deconstruct it, Derrida created the new concept “animot (the word[mot] of animals)” in the animal ethics, we will create “robomot (the word of robos)” in the roboethics. There are many “robo-mot” in the world (in the presentation some “robomot”s will be shown), but these “robomot” are pronounced in the same sound in French. If we would want to make the distinction these “mot”s, we should express this concept in the “écriture ”, not in the “parole ”. This concept does not converge the meaning of word into the “subject”, but the meanings of words will diverge in many directions. This is the way of to think about “the Other”, “the Other” is only thought all the time. “Robomot” shows just responsibility for “the Other”.