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Dragon Robot

Innovative socially-useful robotic work of art that combines recycling and cultural awareness

Biljana Biba Vicković, ULUS member in nationally determined independent artistic practice in the field of expanded media • Reg. No.953/1999/ULUS Association des Artists plastiques de Serbie • Suluj AIAP • UNESCO since 1919.•, Serbia
Svemir Popić, University of Belgrade, Serbia   
Miloš D Jovanović, University of Belgrade, Serbia  
Aleksandar Rodić, University of Belgrade, Serbia  

Dragon Robot - robotic work of art is designed to influence the environmental and cultural awareness of citizens. The Dragon robot is a fantasy creation in bronze with a striking appearance, with its surreal form. The first Belgrade solar powered prototype of Dragon Robot was set up in 2009 in front of the municipality building of Vračar, as the first stage of the project. This funny neighbor has a daily communication with 200,000 citizens a year. Dragon’s voice message says to you “Hello, and asks you if you have some cans for him, he says:I'm hungry”. After being approached by the user, the robot opens his beak to make a space for a can to be placed in it, by having a comment: “Yum, yum, you can drop it down inhere.” Once your can is inserted robot says “Here is your ticket and thank you for taking care of our environment.” In the second stage named Dragons Trails project planned for 2018-2020 a new prototype of Dragon will be placed on  the museums grounds, in 4 European countries. They will be used as a stage for examining European Dragons’ myths and legends. Robot has a chat with tourists when tourists visit him, and when he swallows the can, robot gives them a ticket with a code to log in to device with the 3D glasses, to watch "3D museum’s legends and myths". The Dragon’s tail will have camera. For all tail movements we will use hyper redundant manipulator. The tourists will move tail with mobile application  Selfie option in the Dragon arms.