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Integrative Methods in Structural Biology

  • 14-20 September 2020
  • Island of Spetses, Greece

The international course Integrative Methods in Structural Biology for graduate students and postdocs will include lectures on methods and methods-oriented practicals on data processing, interpretation, and integration.

The course takes place on 14-20 September 2020 on the Island of Spetses, Greece.

Max. number of participants: 40.

Principal themes and objectives of the meeting

With the advent of new synchrotrons, XFEL, and neutron sources combined with the dramatic developments in cryo-EM, super resolution microscopy, single-molecule micrscopy/spectroscopy, and computational capacities, the possibilities for addressing advanced problems in structural biology are on a fast move.

At the same time it is becomes increasingly important to integrate many methods to achieve proper models of structure and mechanism describing dynamic interactions between biological macromolecules and of their catalytic or signaling properties.

The course will address these challenges with a particular focus on key processes in molecular neurobiology and complex, dynamic interactions at cell membranes.

Keywords: X-ray and Neutron scattering, cryo-electron microscopy, NMR, molecular dynamics, modeling