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Organizers and partners

The organizing committee for Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2022 consists of:

Assistant Professor Emil Drazevic, Aarhus University, edrazevic@bce.au.dk

Program organizer Soffi Olesen, Aarhus University, soffi@au.dk 

Professor Anders Bentien, Aarhus University

Assistant Professor Jacopo Catalano, Aarhus University

Project Coordinator Business Cooperation and Partnerships Steen Nielsen, Aarhus University

Special Consultant Thomas Lundgaard, Aarhus University

The Scientific Commitee for Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2022 consists of:

Anne Hauch, PhD, Haldor Topsøe

Patricia Benito, Associate Professor, University of Bologna

Jo Phillips, Associate professor, Aarhus University

Jacopo Catalano, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

Emil Drazevic, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University


Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2022 is funded by generous contributions from Energy Cluster Denmark, Danish Center for Energy Storage, Aarhus University and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). It is co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.