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Big Data Knowledge Exchange

The Big Data – Big Impact conference held by Aarhus University inspired more than 300 partcipants from universities, private enterprises, public authorities and other stakeholders. The conference provided a framework, which enabled the sharing of knowledge on the emerging Big Data paradigm, which is becoming ever more crucial to research and development as well as societal processes, healthcare, business and industrial production.

The conference homepage will be maintained as a platform for a continued state-of-the-art dialogue on the Big Data topic aiming at strengthening the future collaboration between university researchers, practitioners already exploiting Big Data and stakeholders with potential applications for Big Data in their future business practices.


Conference Programme

A palette of excellent keynote lectures and cases were presented at the Big Data Big Impact conference. The keynote speakers addressed some of the grand challenges and opportunities behind big data usage while a number of inspiring cases were presented and discussed during the afternoon sessions.

You can download the full programme in PDF-version here

You will find keynote abstracts here and case summaries presented here



Conference Presenters