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Keynote Presentation





Patrick McNeillie
Chief Physician Researcher
Watson Healthcare, IBM


IBM Healthcare: Developing Watson to Impact a Complex Industry

IBM's approach to healthcare focuses on improving physician-patient interactions, mainly the collection, analysis, and communication of healthcare information.  With the assistance of the medical community IBM has initially developed technologies to assist medical research, clinical practice, and healthcare management.

In this talk Patrick McNeillie will discuss the data problem with healthcare and how IBM Watson is being developed to provide a solution.  Physicians face two big data problems, medical knowledge gained from research and patient information documented in records.  IBM has partnered with several of the top academic medical centers in the world to develop Watson to more effectively bring medical knowledge to physicians, to help summarize patient records, and --combining these tasks—to assist physicians in making the most appropriate decisions.  

Patrick McNeillie is currently working with IBM Watson Healthcare as an Oncology Consultant.  He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, earning his doctorate in medicine.  He has been active in basic science and clinical oncology research for more than 10 years, with more than 30 peer-viewed publications.  Prior to joining IBM he spoke extensively about innovations within cancer treatment.  In 2012 he won the Pillsbury Award for Outstanding Oral Presentation in Clinical Medicine.  In 2013 he took a year off of residency training and joined IBM as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.  During this year he work along-side IBM computer scientists in applying the cognitive technologies of IBM Watson to healthcare.  He decided to extend his time at IBM and was promoted to Chief Physician Researcher of the Medical Sieve Grand Challenge.  The goal of this project was to develop technology for medical image analytics. Recently, he transitioned from IBM Research to Watson Transformation to assist in bringing information technologies to the healthcare industry.



Case Presentations


Danish Hip Arthoplastry Register (DHR) - Part of the Danish Orthopedic Common Database

Torben Bæk Hansen, Central Denmark Region; Alma Becic Pedersen, KEA, Aarhus University Hospital

DHR is working in collaboration with other Nordic arthroplasty registers, and the overall aim is to identify patients, surgeon and surgery related factors that can predict worse outcome after total hip arthroplasties, change the treatment and clinical practice and improve patient care. In Denmark, DHR is a nationwide clinical database on primary operations, revisions, and follow-up examinations, where registration of the first two is compulsory. The case presents the use of DHR by clinicians, researchers and private businesses.





Safe Delivery App

Anders Nejsum, Visikon; Christina Braüner, AU

mHealth is a new field where mobile phones are used for health promotion. The app developed by the Maternity Foundation and Visikon presents animated educational material on childbirth to prevent maternal and newborn death and disability. The aim is to strengthen health interventions in both rural areas and the western World. The app is currently being tested in countries in Africa. 



Patient-Reported Outcome Data in Primary Health Care

Philipp Harbig, General Practitioner; Kaj Sparle Christensen, AU

A web-based system for entering patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures and transmits data to patient medical records in primary health care for diagnosis, monitoring of treatment effects and research purposes. The PRO-software has been developed by a research network at AU in collaboration with medical software consultants from Opus Consult. The case presents the use of the software for diagnosis and monitoring of depression, anxiety disorders and blood pressure measurements at home. The system is expected to be implemented nationwide.



Skolesundhed.dk- An Interactive Web Based Child Health Platform

Thomas Jensen, Opus Consult; Carsten Obel, AU

The online database skolesundhed.dk is a portal for understanding what determines health in schools. All children provide detailed information on somatic and mental health regularly during their first nine years of school. The case present how the detailed information provided both by the children and their parents can be used by the health professionals to address individual health issues during the clinical meeting and furthermore be included in the education program at class level, teaching the children how to stay healthy.