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Electromicrobiology 2021

Electromicrobiology 2021, November 3rd-5th


Many microorganisms have the capacity to exchange electrons extracellularly, either through the outer membrane or between cells within multicellular bacteria. Electromicrobiology research is continuing to yield new and exciting results, from the scale of the molecular machinery that permits extracellular electron exchange to microbial ecosystems driven by electric processes. These discoveries are leading the way towards new technical applications that will exploit electric microbes or their molecular components. In 2021, the Center for Electromicrobiology at Aarhus University, Denmark will welcome 100 electromicrobiology researchers to a conference in Aarhus, Denmark. The aim of this biennial conference, which was held for the first time in 2019, is to capture the latest developments in electromicrobiology.

The conference will be divided into the following four themes:


Molecular structure
Image: Christian Larsen & Thomas Boesen


Fluorescence Microscopy image of cable bacteria
Image: Jesper Bjerg & Lea Wunder


Vincent Scholz at Cadagno
Photo: Andreas Schramm


Beta-version of BIOMAP hardware
Photo: Lis Allaart

What processes, structures, and mechanisms are involved in extracellular electron transfer? What are the implications for the way we understand, describe, and investigate microbial cells, communities, and biogeochemical processes? And how can we apply this knowledge to meet our greatest challenges in medicine, agriculture, energy, and other areas?


Electromicrobiology 2021


Helnan Marselis Hotel, Aarhus, Denmark


3 - 5 November 2021

(Preliminary program)

Number of participants:



1500DKK (~200€) including registration fee, hotel, and meals.

Submission of abstracts

Abstract submission opens August 9th 2021 - follow this link.

Local organiser

Center for Electromicrobiology


Center administrator Mette Jepsen, mettebj@bio.au.dk


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