Scientific Programme


Date Time Session (chair) Speaker title
8.30 Welcoming address Søren R. Paludan
9.00-11.00 SESSION 1 (Sylvia Knapp) 
9.00   Ulrich Kalinke Monocyte-derive dendritic cells comprise three subsets that show complex and divergent responses to HCMV infection
9.30 Roi Avraham Functional analysis of host-pathogen interactions at early infection
10.00   Maziar Divangahi Pulmonary Macrophages & Trained Immunity
10.30 Justina Kulikauskaite Post-influenza lung contains monocyte derived alveolar macrophages with immunoreactive phenotype
10.45 Calum Bain Dissecting the transcriptional control of alveolar macrophage identity and function in health and disease
  11.00-11:30 BREAK    
  11.30-13.30 SESSION 2 (Charlotte Scott)    
11.30   Florent Ginhoux Mapping the mononuclear phagocyte system using single cell technologies
12.00   Caetano Reis e Sousa DaNGeRous indigestion and immunity to cancer 
12.30   Leila Akkari Harnessing the therapeutic potential of myeloid cell in cancer: a matter of genetics, timing and combination.
13.00 Johannes Mayer IL-13 mediated ILC-DC signalling in naive skin imprints dermal dendritic cells to T helper 2 induction
13.15 Karen Dixon Tim-3 restrains anti-tumour immunity by regulating inflammasome activation in DCs
  13.30-15.00 LUNCH BREAK / Poster session    
15.00-17.00 SESSION 3 (Jonathan Jantsch)
15.00   Rune Hartmann Two cGAS-like receptors induce Sting-dependent antiviral immunity in Drosophila melanogaster
15.30   Melanie Greter Emergence and Regulation of Mammary Gland Macrophages During Lactation
16.00   Katarzyna Placek  Mevalonate pathway and immune cell responses: what new did we learn?
16.30 Giuseppe Rizzo Trem2 modulates monocyte/macrophage responses in cardiac healing after myocardial infarction
16.45 Stefanie Fruhwürth TREM2 is essential for innate immune responses to herpes simplex virus in microglia and control of infection in the brain
17.00-17:30 BREAK
17.30-19.00 EMDS Award talks and ceremony
9.00-11.00 SESSION 4 (Natalio Garbi)
9.00   Veit Hornung  Necroptosis-driven inflammation
9.30 Irena Udalova Transcriptional blueprint of neutrophil-driven inflammation
10.00 Anna Aschenbrenner  The myeloid compartment in COVID-19: what we learn from single cell omics.
10.30 Jake Thomas Hofbauer cells are primitive macrophages, derived from placenta-resident progenitors in the first trimester of human pregnancy
10.45 Nóra Balzer Developmental programming of Kupffer cells by maternal obesity
11.00-12.00 Meet the experts 
11.30-13.00 LUNCH BREAK / Poster session / Business meeting
  13.00-15.00 SESSION 5 (Elodie Segura)    
13.00 Guy Boeckxstaens Intestinal neuron-associated macrophages in health and disease
13.30 Charlotte Scott Hepatic Macrophage Heterogeneity; who, why and where?
14.00 Naomi McGovern Resolving the heterogeneity and function of human placental macrophages
14.30 Felix Bayerl PGE2 signaling reprograms the cDC1 transcription factor network to promote cDC1 dysfunctionality in tumors and limit cancer immune control
14.45 Ronan Kapetanovic More than the powerhouse of the cell: mitochondrial dynamics modulate a new antibacterial pathway in macrophages
  15.00-15:30 BREAK    
15.30-17.30 SESSION 6 (Maciek Siedlar)
15.30 Annie Curtis Circadian Rhythms in Innate Immunity, Taking Time Seriously
16.00 Edward Pearce 
16.30 Esther de Jong Dendritic cells in Th17 cell responses
17.00   Homaira Hamidzada Cross-tissue organization of resident macrophage subsets
17.15 Sebastian Baasch Cytomegalovirus subverts macrophage identity
17.30-17.50 EMDS Bonn 2022
17.50-18.15 Poster awards 
  18.15-18.30 Closing remarks