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Abstract Submission

General info about abstract submission

We welcome submissions of abstracts for presentations at the workshop. Only on-line submission is possible. Abstracts sent by fax or paper-copies will not be considered. Please read the guidelines carefully before submission. Deadline for submission of abstracts is April 30, 2015. Abstracts should be in Word format and sent as an attachment to the following email address: microenergy2015@bios.au.dk. You will receive a confirmation notice after the abstract is received.

Contribution of abstracts

Contribution of abstracts is not a condition for attendance at the workshop but is strongly encouraged to promote active participation of all involved.  Please also note that, in the event the number of applications exceeds the maximum number of participants (70, including invited speakers), preference will be given to applications accompanied by an abstract. 

Pending finalization of the workshop program, a small number of contributed abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. We therefor also ask you to state in your abstract submission email whether you prefer to participate with A) an oral presentation or B) a poster.

If you would like to participate in the workshop without contributing an abstract, please send an email to microenergy2015@bios.au.dk briefly outlining your interest in the workshop, your scientific background, and a link to your personal website (if you have one).

Reviews and notification

The organizing committee will send out notifications in mid-June 2015 informing contributors whether they have been accepted or not. When accepted, participants can register for the workshop. The deadline for registration is July 15, 2015.

Important: Guidelines for abstracts

  1. Abstract must be written in clear and concise English.
  2. The abstract should contain no more than 600 words.
  3. Font: Calibri. Font size: 12 point. Margin: top (3 cm), bottom (3 cm), left (2 cm), right (2 cm). The abstract should include title (capitals), authors (corresponding author: bold), addresses (italic and font size 10), and abstract body text. Please see example.
  4. Single space all body text. Do not leave blank lines. Abbreviations, (in parentheses after the first full use of the word), should be used for common terms only. Write numbers as numerals rather than words.
  5. The abstract will appear exactly as typed. Therefore, any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific facts will be reproduced as you type them.
  6. Incomplete or incorrectly submitted abstracts will be returned to the author and must be resubmitted before deadline to be considered for presentation.
  7. Please note that by submitting your abstract to this conference, you agree that the abstract will be printed in the abstract book.
  8. Please send the abstract from the email address to which notification of acceptance should be sent.

Accepted abstracts will be published in an abstract book and handed out to all participants by the start of the workshop. A Pdf version will be e-mailed to all participants before the workshop. There is no manuscript requirement for published workshop proceedings. However, participants will be invited to submit a manuscript to a planned special issue of “Frontiers in Extreme Microbiology” with a deadline after the Workshop (deadline to be announced later).