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Invited speakers

Opening Lecture

Moh El-Naggar (University of Southern California): Far, Fast, and Surprising: Length, Time, and Energy Scales of Microbial Electron Transport

1. Energy availability in natural environments

Jack Middelburg (University Utrecht): Controls on organic matter degradation rates

Doug LaRowe (University of Southern California): The energetics of anabolism in natural environments

Alexis Templeton(University of Colorado, Boulder): Generation of energy sources in rock-hosted ecosystems


2. Cell-specific energy metabolism

Hans Røy (Aarhus University): Bulk microbial respiration in the buried biosphere

Bente Lomstein (Aarhus University): D:L amino acids and the turnover of microbial biomass

Victoria Orphan (CalTec): A single cell perspective of cooperation between methanotrophic archaea and their sulfate-reducing bacterial partners


3. Basal power requirement vs. maintenance energy

Peter van Bodegom (Leiden University): Microbial maintenance energy as linked to microbial ecological strategies and ecosystem fluxes

Caroline Plugge (Wageningen University): Minimum energy quantum of anaerobic microbial catabolism: hydrogen-formate interconversion

Qusheng Jin (University of Oregon): Biogeochemical metabolic modeling: Linking thermodynamics and kinetics of subsurface microbial processes

4. Fitness parameters under sustained energy limitation

Volker Müller (Goethe University Frankfurt): Archaeal adaptations to extreme energy limitation

Karen Lloyd (University of Tennessee, Knoxville): Abundance and function of archaea and bacteria in the seabed

Mark Lever (ETH Zürich): Optimizing substrate utilization on a mixed diet

5. Dormancy and cultivation

Slava Epstein (Northeastern University): Microbial life cycle: differentiation in growth and de-programming in dormancy

Charles William Keevil (University of Southampton): Life signs in apparently dead bacteria

Nicolai S. Panikov (Harvard University): Near-zero growth of microorganisms under deep nutrient limitation

6. Evolution and adaptation

Andreas Schramm (Aarhus University): Evolution in the deep biosphere

Steve Finkel (University of Southern California): Mechanisms of long-term survival and evolution in laboratory microcosms