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About Sandbjerg

Sandbjerg Manor can be traced back to Sandbjerg Castle from the 16th century. In 1929, Sandbjerg was sold to Ellen Dahl, who was sister to the Danish author Karen Blixen. In 1954 she donated the estate to Aarhus University and after her death in 1959, the university took over the full rights of the entire Sandbjerg Estate. Read more about Sandbjerg’s history here 

The estate is situated in a scenic area directly to Alssund (Als Sound) about 7 km northwest of Sonderborg. The historic buildings have been restored in the original style.

Sandbjerg Manor now operates as an independent institution and serves as Aarhus University's conference center. Read more about Sandbjerg here.

Sandbjerg Manor in Summer time
Living room in the Manor house
Winter Atmosphere
Sandbjerg Manor
The Distillery
The road leading to the Sandbjerg estate
The tenant Farmer's House
The Distillery