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Travel Information

Getting to Denmark is easy. Denmark is a peninsula in Northern Europe, which means you can go by car or train from any of the North European countries. Sandbjerg is close to the E45 motorway.

There are flights from several destinations throughout the world to different airports in Denmark. If you arrive in Copenhagen Airport you can either choose to fly on to Billund Airport or Sonderborg Airport, or you can travel by train or rent a car.

By Plane
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) - with 65 airlines operating from Copenhagen Airport, and with more than 20 million passengers every year, is Scandinavia’s largest airport.

From Copenhagen there are the following options: You can fly on to Billund Airport (BLL) or Sonderborg Airport (SGD), take the train to Sonderborg or rent a car. The travel time from Copenhagen and Billund by train is 4-5 hours and between 2-3 changes. The car drive is approx. 3.5 hours

Please note that you cannot search for international flight connections to Sonderborg Airport on Momondo; instead you can make a separate search for the connection: Copenhagen Airport (CPH) – Sonderborg (SGD). If you are flying to Sonderborg via Copenhagen with SAS, you can check in your luggage all the way to Sonderborg Airport. If you are flying with another airline, you may have to pick up your luggage at the international terminal in Copenhagen and check it in to Sonderborg.

Sonderborg Airport (SGD) is the nearest airport to Sandbjerg. It has daily connections to Copenhagen. It takes 20 minutes to go by taxi from Sonderborg Airport to Sandbjerg and it costs about 400 DKK or 55 EUR.

Billund Airport (BLL) is located 138 km north of Sønderborg and has direct flight connections from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and other major destinations. From here you can take an airport bus to Vejle where there are train connections to Sonderborg. A taxi ride from Sonderborg train station takes 20 min and costs about 400 DKK or 55 EUR. The travel time with public transportation from Billund airport to Sandbjerg Manor is appoximately 4 hours.

Search for public transportation from Billund Airport to Sandbjerg Estate.

The organizers will arrange for bus transportation from Billund directly to Sandbjerg Manor during Monday September 21 as well as pick-up at Sandbjerg Manor on Friday September 25. The travel time from Billund to Sandbjerg is approx. 1.5 hours. 

Aarhus Airport (AAR) in Tirstrup. If you arrive at Aarhus Airport, you can take the airport bus to Aarhus city. The organizers will arrange for a bus from Aarhus University (address: Ny Munkegade 114) around 12:00 (time to be decided) on Monday 21 September, time of return on the 25th of September is yet to be decided. Transportation time is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Connect via Hamburg (Flight/train to Hamburg, train to Padborg and bus/taxi to Sandbjerg)
Hamburg has a large international airport. There is a train shuttle to Hamburg train station. Train ICE 380 Hamburg-Padborg (direction: Aarhus, Denmark) departs Hamburg 13:29 and arrives in Padborg 15:43

It will be considered to arrange a pickup at 16:00 from Padborg to Sandbjerg. A taxi will cost about 1000 DKK or about 130 EUR and takes approximately 40 minutes.

Tel. (+45) 7467 0367

By Car
As in all parts of Denmark, Sønderborg/Sandbjerg has an efficient road network that allows easy driving access – Hamburg is a 2.5-hour drive and Copenhagen is a 3.5-hour drive. It is possible to park at the venue. Driving directions

By Taxi
From Sonderborg train station there is a 10 km drive by taxi to Sandbjerg. Approx. DKK 400 or 55 EUR.

Tel.: (+45) 7025 2525 or 7442 1818