Guidelines - Abstract Submission

Only on-line submission is possible. 

Please read the guidelines carefully before submission.

Guidelines for abstracts

  1. The abstract should contain no more than 300 words.
  2. Font: Calibri. Font size: 12 point. Margin: top (3 cm), bottom (3 cm), left (2 cm), right (2 cm). The abstract should include title, authors (corresponding author: bold), addresses (italic and font size 10), and abstract body text. Download form here
  3. Abbreviations, (in parentheses after the first full use of the word), should be used for common terms only. Write numbers as numerals rather than words.
  4. The abstract will appear exactly as typed. Therefore, any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific facts will be reproduced as you type them.
  5. Please note that by submitting your abstract to this conference, you agree that the abstract will be printed in the abstract book and published on the conference website.
  6. Please name your file the following way: last name_first name(s)

Accepted abstracts will be included in an abstract book and handed out to all participants by the start of the workshop. A pdf version will be e-mailed to all participants before the workshop.

Submit your abstract here or click on the "Apply for admission button"


Questions about abstract submission

If you have any question regarding the abstract design or layout please contact the local organizing committee:

Academic coordination:

Bo Baker Jørgensen

Kasper Urup Kjeldsen

Hans Røy

Practical issues:

Sissel Rønning