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What is "robophilosophy"?

"Robophilosophy" was defined in 2014 as "philosophy of, for, and by social robotics."  For further elaboration see here.

Robophilosophy has a clear focus on social robotics and human interactions with so-called 'social' robots. Unlike "robo-ethics," robophilosophy is an area of applied and interdisciplinary philosophical research that is undertaken from the perspective of either theoretical or practical philosophy (ontology, philosophy of science, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, etc.).

Robophilosophy is by definition interdisciplinary philosophical research--it is informed by empirical research in "Social Robotics" and "Human-Robot Interaction," and occasionally conducted as experimental philosophy. Unlike other scientific and Humanities disciplines engaged with the investigation of human-robot interaction, robophilosophy is not only descriptive but frequently also normative--robophilosophy evaluates social robotics applications relative to conceptual, methodological, ethical, and socio-cultural norms, and offers general observations or even concrete recommendations that are relevant for a responsible approach to the design and use of social robotics applications.