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Preliminary program

Outline of the program:

The program will be a mix of oral presentations and flash talk poster presentations following the keynote speech within each theme/session.

22 February 2022 (day one):

Registration from 09:00

10:30 - Start of conference, introduction and welcome speeches

Opening session: by Dr. Timothy D. Searchinger, Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment, Princeton University, USA

Session on Livestock production, keynote speech by Dr. André Bannink, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands

Bob Ørskov Memorial Talk - Dr. Juan Ku-Vera, Department of Animal Nutrition, University of Yucatan, Mexico

Session on Manure management and fertilization, keynote speech by Dr. Cecile A.M. de Klein, AgRes, New Zealand

18:00 - End of program day one

23 February 2022 (day two):

09:00 - Start of day two

Session on Land use perspectives, keynote speech by Dr. Bob Rees, Scotland's Rural College, UK

Session on Soil carbon storage, keynote speech TBA

Session on System analyses, keynote speech by Dr. Dong Hongmin, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences, China

18:30 - Conference dinner, talk by Dr. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

24 February 2022 (day three):

09:00 - Start of day three

Session on Monitoring, reporting and verification, keynote speech by Dr. Frank Dentener, EU Joint Research Centre, Italy

Wrap-up and outlooks, by keynote speakers and Dr. Jørgen E. Olesen, Aarhus University, Denmark

13:00 - Lunch to go