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Seminar on Technologies for a Danish Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission Agriculture 28 June 2021

Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising a one-day national seminar on technologies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture, where we will present and discuss potential mitigation strategies for agriculture.

The seminar will gather scientists, actors and stakeholders from Danish institutions with knowledge and interests in developing technologies aiming at reducing GHG emissions from agriculture.

Researchers and entrepreneurs are invited to present technologies, management strategies and model tools to help reduce or eliminate GHG emissions from agriculture. The seminar will be a forum for fruitful and constructive discussions, and based on the outcome, a preliminary catalogue of mitigation technologies will emerge.  

Presenters at the seminar in June 2021 will be encouraged to reflect on the dialogue at the seminar, revise their conceptual ideas, and distil them into abstracts for submission as oral or poster presentations to the committee of the international conference on 'Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission in High Productive Agriculture' 22 - 24 February 2022.

Guidelines for flash talk and poster presentations

Size of the poster is max A0 and we prefer the portrait layout. You will have to bring a printed poster for the poster exhibition. 

Each flash talk presentation is max two minutes and we suggest that you have 1-2 slides. Avoid animation, hence the presentations will be converted to pdf-format and gathered in one file by us. 

It is important that you send your presentation in pdf-format to zea@agro.au.dk by 24 June at the latest. 

The flash talks are scheduled before lunch.  During the lunch break, it is possible to explorer the poster exhibition.