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Afternoon seminar

  • Date and Time:
    September 19, 2018

Afternoon seminar

The focus of the afternoon seminar is on the broad concept of China’s rise in the specific spheres of global politics, security, business and culture and situate it within the context of domestic social, economic and political developments. The seminar takes advantage of the broad range of China expertise in Denmark to initiate a multi-disciplinary dialogue on the nature of China’s emergence as a global power and its implications for Denmark, taking into consideration business opportunities, cultural encounters and political challenges. As the foreign ministers of the two countries declared in 2015, the China-Denmark Comprehensive Strategic Partnership would be deepened to ‘become a model of cooperation between countries with different historical backgrounds, social systems and development stages, and set a pattern for growing relations between China and Nordic countries, China and Europe and even China and the Western countries at large’. The seminar provides a timely overview of Sino-Danish relations in the perspective of China’s rise as a global power and considers the future potentials for different areas of cooperation.

The seminar will present a keynote speech by Professor Wiliam Callahan, London School of Economics and Politics followed by a number of shorter presentations by researchers studying various topics on contemporary China. Subsequent discussions will take place in smaller groups between researchers and the audience.

We welcome academics and students, national and local politicians, civil servants, business people and anyone else interested in contemporary Chinese affairs and Sino-Danish relations.