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Political framework conditions for Danish companies in China

Political framework conditions for Danish companies in China’: The current political development in China is characterized by a centralization of the power of the Chinese Communist Party at all levels of Chinese society. This is also the case in the economic field where all enterprises – state-owned as well as privately-owned and joint ventures – now are required to establish a Party groups. Recently, the government has underlined that all major issues will have to be discussed in the Party group before they are passed on to the company board and implemented by management. It has also been decided to intensify the ongoing anti-corruption campaign. This talk discusses the new conditions these decisions create for Danish companies in China and evaluates the political stability in China after the 19th Party Congress.



Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard is Professor in China Studies at Asia Research Centre, Department of International Economics and Management, CBS. His most recent publications include From Accelerated Accumulation to Socialist Market Economy in China (2017) and Critical Readings on the Chinese Communist Party, 4 vols. (2017). He holds a PhD from Copenhagen University and is a Visiting Research Professor at National University of Singapore and an Honorary Professor at South China University of Science and Technology.