Abstract submission

Requirements for the abstract

Submission deadline

Deadline for abstract submissions is 1 April 2019.


You can submit your abstract as either LaTeX format (widely used in mathematics and statistics) or written in Word format (doc or docx).

The submission should be a ZIP archive, using the following naming convention:

  • icsia_<your name>_<date>.zip

Where <your name> should be substituted with your name (use "_" instead of spaces) and <date> should be in the form YYYYMMDD (as in 20181207 for 7 December 2018). This way it is easier for us to keep track of your submission, if you choose to send an updated abstract later on.

The submission formular is found at the bottom of this page.

Contents of the ZIP archive

– submitting using LaTeX

We ask you to use the provided LaTeX template, please read the comments in the template and please abide by the rules they set forth.

For LaTeX the ZIP archive should contain anything needed to compile your abstract including all used images as external graphics files. Note that TikZ images should also be converted to external stand alone images as this reduces our workload for merging the abstracts (the standalone document class is very useful for this). Please also include a PDF version of your submission in the ZIP file.

For this type of submission it is often useful to create a new folder, copy all that is needed to compile the abstract into the folder, check that it compiles, and then ZIP the entire folder.

– submitting using Word

Please include the Word document (.doc or docx) and a PDF version of the Word document.

Vi will transform the abstract into a more common format for the conference, so we would like to have something proper to copy from (the Word file) and would like to know exactly what it is suppose to look like (the PDF file). This way we should be able to handle formulas in Word just fine.

If you have used any images in your file, you may also include originals for them in the ZIP archive, otherwise we will extract them, from the Word file.

We do not have a general template for Word, but see below for information about which data we are looking for.

You can see the details we ask for in the abstract in the box below.

Abstract details

For the abstract we ask for the following data clearly separated (the LaTeX template has an interface, you just fill in the details):

  • Title
  • Name of presenter
    – you can specify up to two affiliations (short name or abbreviation for the affiliations, for example just the name of a university or CSGB if you are associated with the CSGB centre)
    – example: Lars Madsen (Aarhus University)
  • Name(s) of collaborators
    – similar rules for affiliations apply here.
  • The abstract text (which may contain images)
  • Bibliographic information (but please keep this to a minimum or leave it out)

We will reedit your submission to fit the overall style of the abstracts. Afterwards the abstracts will be available on the website and included in the conference materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lars Madsen, daleif@math.au.dk.

Abstract submission form

icsia2019 abstract form

Presentation type*
The file submitted can be at most 10Mb, if larger, you will need to contact us directly and we will find another method. In that case please contact Oddbjørg Wethelund at oddbjorg@math.au.dk.