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Children's Media and Literature in a Mediatized World

About the conference

Children and young people live in a mediatized world in which literature, other visual and verbal texts, media and platforms converge and coalesce. Established notions of producers and users, target groups, genres and literary forms and experiences are thereby challenged. 

Users and readers are ascribed with new forms of agency, while at the same time children confront an increased commercialization and demands for standardized schooling and academic achievements. 

At this conference we wish to examine these challenges, bringing together scholars from children's literature studies, media studies and adjoining fields. For instance, children’s literature, in its many manifestations, must be seen as tightly interwoven with the broad-spectre media cultures in which children and young people engage. 

Children’s literature and media must be understood in the light of contemporary developments, which enable new, cross-media publishing forms, as well as new modes of interaction and engagement between writers and readers, users and producers. Children and young people are in many cases producers and co-producers of media content themselves, and they often seem to cross traditional borders between digital and analogue media and texts in their everyday practices. 

These developments bring about analytical, theoretical, methodological and empirical challenges which will be addressed at this conference. 

Conference information

Please send abstracts no later than 1 December 2016.
Max 300 words and a 100-word biography to Sarah Mygind (sarah.mygind@cc.au.dk)
Notification of acceptance: 15 December.

Please notice: If you are interested in participating in the conference without handing in a paper, please contact Sarah Mygind (sarah.mygind@cc.au.dk).  


Keynote speakers