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Wireless network

Aarhus University has three wireless networks which can be used all over AU. Guides for Eduroam, AU-Guest and AU-Gadget are available here.

Eduroam – Wireless network for employees and students

Eduroam is the primary wireless network for students and employees.

AU-Guest – wireless network for guests

How to set up AU-Guest:

1. Select the wireless network 'AU-Guest'.

2. Open an internet browser, for example Safari Firefox or Google Chrome. The login page for AU-Guest will now automatically be displayed. If the login page is not automatically displayed, try to write ‘au.dk’ in your browser.

3. Log on using one of the following options:

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • LinkedIn account
  • SMS
  • Microsoft account (for example outlook.dk)

NOTE! AU-Guest access is for the internet only. You will not have access to internal services such as files or printers.

Are you having trouble accessing AU-Guest?

1. Check whether Wi-Fi is switched off on your device (mobile, tablet or PC/Mac). If Wi-Fi is switched off, you must switch it on: You can do that under settings:

  • PC: Settings > Network and internet > Wi-Fi
  • Mac: System preferences > Network

2. Try to open another website than au.dk.

3. Have you clicked the AU logo to access AU-Guest? This does not work, because it links to the Eduroam installation program, and Eduroam is the wireless network for employees and students. Try to use one of the other login options instead.