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Call for Proposals

First International Conference on Embodied Education

Venue: The 1st International Conference on Embodied Education is hosted by the Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University, Campus Copenhagen, Denmark. 
When: 15 - 17 May 2024.
Theme: Breaking new grounds in embodied education.


The 1st International Conference on Embodied Education is aimed at conveying a community of scholars working in the field of Embodied Education (EE), with the interest of sharing knowledge and creating a network for future activities. Theoretical, empirical and practical proposals related to the interfaces and transactions between embodiment and education are welcome.

The body is always present to us, although not always explicitly so. More than 100 years since John Dewey demonstrated the prevailing impact of mind-body dualism in education, we are very much in the same situation from pedagogical and didactic points of view. A plethora of terms like ‘atmosphere’, ‘mood’, ‘resonance’ ‘indwelling’, ‘affordance’, ‘inter-affectivity’, ‘joint intentionality’ and ‘transactionism’ have surfaced in phenomenological and pragmatically oriented research on learning, and indeed cover developments in the understanding of our embodied, engaged being in the world. Yet, at the same time, these relational insights have proved difficult to transform into concrete educational contexts.

A key issue is to understand how insights from the frontier of research in embodied approaches to education and learning can contribute to educators and practitioners. At the same time, artists, performers and other practitioners have hands on lived experiences with the very embodied processes, who can contribute to educational and pedagogical research in several ways. Hence, with this conference, we would like to set an interdisciplinary stage by bringing together researchers, practitioners, vocational teachers, artists, teachers,  educators,  and pedagogues, for exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas, enabling an extension of the understanding of EE in theory and practice. 

We want to cut the first turf toward an international movement of people across traditional divisions of labour, dedicated to questions of how the body  might take on new roles in educational contexts.

We welcome proposals in the theoretical as well as practical areas of education, pedagogy, learning, teaching, instruction, didactics and performance dealing with embodied education. The conference organisers especially wish to invite inter- and transdisciplinary research teams and researchers as well as practitioners.


Main topics and keywords, but not exclusive, are:

  • The role of the body in teaching, instruction, didactics
  • Sensorimotor learning
  • Enaction
  • Scaling-up of embodied processes to the conceptual domain of education
  • Performative arts: music, dance, drama, etc.
  • Plurality of bodily identities, e.g. gender, ethnicity, inclusion
  • Embodied pedagogies
  • Bodily expression in educational contexts
  • Extended mind: technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence 
  • Embedded cognition: place-based, environment, sustainability
  • Emotion, affection and atmosphere
  • Sports, physical education, wellbeing
  • Ethical concerns related to embodied education
  • Educational discourse, policies and politics
  • Educational aims and values

Key Dates

  • Call for proposals: open
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts for individual presentations/workshops/symposia: 10 January 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2024
  • Deadline for registration of presenters: 20 March 2024

Types of proposals

  • Individual presentations: 30 minutes incl. Q&A 
  • Workshops: 40 minutes incl. Q&A
  • Round tables (3 to 5 persons): 15 minutes for each speaker, 20 minutes for Q&A

Individual presentations / workshops
We invite submission of abstracts of 250-300 words (excluding references) for individual presentations or workshops. Presentations are intended as traditional academic talks, while workshops should involve the audience in bodily, experiential and interactive activities. All abstracts will be evaluated in a peer-review process.

Round tables
We also invite proposals for round tables addressing EE. Proposals for roundtables must include a general initial description of the roundtable (around 200-300 words - excluding references) and descriptions of the (3 to 5) individual contributions (250-300 words each - excluding references). The name of a chair and/or a discussant (discussants may be scholars, practitioners, or other experts) must also be included. Please note that all abstracts should be submitted with the proposal and not separately. Each presenter of a roundtable will have 15 minutes for presenting. At the end of each roundtable session there will be 20 minutes for Q&A. 

The call for proposals is closed

Keynote speakers

  • Anne Mangen, Professor, Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger, Norway
  • Shaun Gallagher, Department of Philosophy, The University of Memphis, USA

Fee for scholars and other professionals affiliated with universities or organizations: 1400 DKK
Fee for young scholars (PhD students and non-affiliated participants): 700 DKK

Further information can be obtained via the conference website: https://conferences.au.dk/embodied-education

For all other questions: embodiededu24@edu.au.dk