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Program  Monday, August 28

18:00-18:15Opening Address: Bo Barker Jørgensen (Center for Geomicrobiology, Aarhus University)The Stable (C)
18:15-19:00Opening Lecture: Ken H. Nealson (University of Southern California): Bioelectricity – bacteria pumping electronsThe Stable (C)
19:00-Mixer with buffet dinnerMagasinet (B)

Program Tuesday, August 29

09:00-10:00OxygenThe Stable (C)
Niels Peter Revsbech (Aarhus University): Oxic respiration under low oxygen availability
Ronnie N. Glud (University of Southern Denmark): How the seabed consumes oxygen - from coastal oceans to hadal trenches
10:30-12:00BioelectricityThe Stable (C)
Lars Peter Nielsen (Center for Geomicrobiology, AU): Cable bacteria – a novel principle of energy conservation
Filip Meysman (Aarhus Institute of Advanced Study): Biogeoelectrochemistry of sediments
Andreas Schramm (Center for Geomicrobiology, AU): Genomic insights into the function and evolution of cable bacteria
12:00-13:30LunchMagasinet (B)
13:30-15:00NitrogenThe Stable (C)
Michi Wagner (University of Vienna): A new perspective on microbes formerly known as ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizers
Marcel Kuypers (Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Anammox and other discoveries in the nitrogen cycle
Bo Thamdrup (University of Southern Denmark): The multiple roles of nitrate as an oxidant
15:00-17:30Break and poster sessionThe Distillery (H)
17:30-Dinner and cultural evening: Sønderborg Castle

 Program Wednesday, August 30

08:30-10:00SulfurThe Stable (C)
Don E. Canfield (University of Southern Denmark): Evolution of the sulfur cycle through Earth's history
Tim Ferdelman (Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Cryptic cross-linkages among biogeochemical cycles
Dirk de Beer (Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Light energy and anoxygenic photosynthesis
10:30-12:00SulfurThe Stable (C)
Alex Loy (University of Vienna): Sulfate reducers – how great is the diversity?
Kai Finster (Aarhus University): Energy conservation from disproportionation reactions
Heide N. Schulz-Vogt (Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde): Energy strategies of big sulfur bacteria
12:00-13:30LunchMagasinet (B)
13:30-15:30Methane and hydrocarbonsThe Stable (C)
Antje Boetius (Alfred Wegener Institute and Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Anaerobic oxidation of methane fuelling benthic ecosystems
Karen G. Lloyd (University of Tennessee): Different lives of archaea and bacteria
Joel E. Kostka (Georgia Institute of Technology): Oil spill biodegradation
Ian M. Head (Newcastle University): Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in sediments
15:30-18:00Break and 1st breakout session / postersTBA
18:00-19:30DinnerMagasinet (B)
19.30-21:00High energyThe Stable (C)
Rudi Amann (Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Coupling identity and function of microbial communities
Markus Hüttel (Florida State University): Microbial processes in permeable sediments
Andreas Teske (University of North Carolina): Microbial communities at deep-sea hydrothermal vents

 Program Thursday, August 31

08:30-10:00Low energyThe Stable (C)
Fumio Inagaki (JAMSTEC, Japan): Limits to deep sub-seafloor life and geosphere-biosphere interactions
Steve D'Hondt (University of Rhode Island): Subseafloor microbial communities and their energy sources
Hans Røy (Center for Geomicrobiology, AU): Sulfate reduction and the respiration rate of bacteria
10:30-12:00Low energyThe Stable (C)
Mark A. Lever (ETH Zürich): Microbial life under extreme energy limitation
Kasper U. Kjeldsen (Center for Geomicrobiology, AU): Evolution and persistence during deep burial of microbial communities
Jan Amend (University of Southern California): The redox ladder of microbial energy metabolism – what are we missing?
12:00-13:30LunchMagasinet (B)
13:30-15:00Before break-out sessionThe Stable (C)
Boran Kartal (Max Planck Institute, Bremen): Multiple pathways of anaerobic oxidation of methane and ammonium
Victoria Orphan (California Institute of Technology): How energy is shared in consortia
Tori Hoehler (NASA Ames Research Center): Energy in a planetary context
15:00-18:002nd break-out sessionTBA
18:00-18:30Closing lectureThe Stable (C)
Bo Barker Jørgensen (Center for Geomicrobiology, AU): Forty years of sediment geomicrobiology
19:00-Workshop dinnerMagasinet (B)

Program Friday, September 1

06:15-Breakfast and departure                                                                                      Magasinet (B)