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Welcome to the 2023 International Working Meeting

The CDIO Initiative and Aarhus University welcomes you to the 2023 International Working meeting. The meeting takes place

November 9th 9.00 - November 10th 16.00

at Aarhus University, building 1423, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

The focus of the International Working Meeting is the development of the CDIO organization. The detailed program will follow but includes activities from the Activity plan, working groups and other activities initiated to further develop the CDIO Initiative.

When planning to come to Aarhus, please consider sustainability. If you are flying from abroad, we suggest that you either fly to Billund Airport (BLL) and the bus from there to Aarhus OR fly to Copenhagen (CPH) and take the train from there (it departs directly from the airport and arrives at the city centre). Aarhus Airport (AAR) if located 45 km outside Aarhus.

We suggest that you combine your stay at Aarhus University with a (research)visit to a Danish University so that the impact of travelling to Aarhus is "used for several things". If you need contact info for people to contact at Aarhus University, write to Jens Bennedsen

Program Thursday november 9

8:30 Coffee
9:00 Welcome and orientation
Jens Bennedsen & Juha Kontio
Mogens Zieler stuen
9:30 Development of Introductory workshops
Matt Murphy & Helene Leong
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Continuous learning - all ages and stages of life (CDIO4allAges)
Jens Bennedsen
14:30 Coffee
15:00 CDIO Website development
Juha Kontio
Abstract writing session for 2024 conference
16:30 Reposting back/wrap - up
17:00 Short campus tour
19:00 Dinner

Preliminary program Friday November 10

8:30 Coffee
9:00 Orientation
9:15 CDIO Activity plan
Helene Leong & Juha Kontio
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Developing Mastery in Digital Age: Learning from Deliberate Failure
15:00 Wrap-up/reporting back
15:30 Council meeting


The price for attending is 1575,00 DKr. That covers lunch for both days, dinner on Thursday, coffee/tea for two days and snacks.We can ONLY handle credit card payments in Danish Kroner

Contact person: