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The Cultural Evolution Society Conference 2022 in brief

Welcome to the fourth Cultural Evolution Society Conference, CES2022! The conference, will be held from September 21-23 in the city of Aarhus, Denmark.

As last year, Underline will support the online component of the conference. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing a great deal of uncertainty for all of us. Therefore, we seek to offer a hybrid format that will hopefully allow some folks to travel to Aarhus, others to meet up locally or regionally in CES hub-lets, and other yet to participate online. The field of cultural evolution is growing in size and scope; its theories, methods and applications - both academic and applied - are getting ever more robust. Do join us in what promises to be an exciting exchange of ideas and a celebration of our field.

About the Cultural Evolution Society

Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Ruth Mace, Department of Anthropology, University College London
  • Prof. Marcelo Cardillo, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Instituto Multidisciplinario de Historia y Ciencias Humanas, Buenos Aires
  • Prof. Fiona Jordan, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, Bristol University
  • Prof. Michele Gelfand, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford University

The ESLR (early-career researchers studying social learning and cultural evolution) is hosting a pre-conference workshop on: Cultural Evolution for Good: Applications and impact of cultural evolution research and methods. The workshop will take place on September 20th (the day before the start of the CES conference) at the Interacting Minds Centre at AU. For more information including how to register, do check: https://www.eslrsociety.org/events/cultural-evolution-for-good-applications-and-impact-of-cultural-evolution-research-and-methods/.

Note also that this year's CES conference will take place in direct continuation of the 8th biennial meeting of the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion - for further details do visit https://iacesr.com/conferences/.

Conference support scheme

The Cultural Evolution Society (CES) announces two new funding schemes for its 4th Conference in Aarhus, Denmark! We thank the John Templeton Foundation for providing funds to support these awards.

<<< DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sept 10 >>>

1. Inclusivity awards:

In an effort to promote a diverse attendance at the CES conference, we are providing a limited number of travel awards of upto 800 USD, and registration fee waivers to assist with the costs of attending the meeting either in-person or online. The funds are aimed towards individuals facing barriers to participating in academic meetings. Eligible individuals include but are not limited to applicants who are:

  • from low and middle income countries
  • from countries with limited funding for research; 
  • individuals with disabilities; 
  • individuals from communities who have been marginalised or are underrepresented in the academy;
  • individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds;
  • carers of children or other dependents;
  • underemployed individuals;
  • individuals lacking other support for attending the meeting.

Individuals may apply for both a travel award and registration fee waiver. Funding decisions will prioritise criteria that help increase the diversity among CES conference participants.

2. Funding for Local CES Conference Meet-ups

As we embark on our very first hybrid conference, CES encourages delegates who cannot attend the in-person conference to gather locally or regionally in smaller groups during the dates of the conference, in order to have the benefits of in-person discussions and networking while participating virtually in the conference. We are providing funding of up to 2000 USD to organise such local/regional CES conference mini-hubs. The funding can be used by organisers for costs associated with hosting the meet-up such as providing food and beverages for attendees, or renting meeting space and AV equipment. The organisers can also choose to discount registration fee by refunding hub participants a portion of their registration fee. To comply with donor restrictions, the funds cannot be used to support travel costs for hub attendees (transportation and accommodation). 

The format of these meet-ups should be designed by organisers to meet and leverage local needs and opportunities for CES researchers. We especially welcome creative ideas that harness these meet-ups to overcome the limitations of virtual attendance, and provide delegates with a rich and stimulating conference experience. 

If we receive more applications than we can fund, funding decisions will prioritise ideas that are most likely to provide delegates with an enhanced conference experience, and geographic regions that are not well represented at CES conferences.

The application links can be found here on the conference website, the CES website, and on CES twitter. Deadline to apply for the awards is now extended to Sept 10. Applicants will be notified on a rollling basis.

Code of Conduct

CES is dedicated to providing a welcoming and harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, racialization, age, religion, nationality, or the presence of or care for dependents. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, racialization, age, religion, nationality
  • Sexual images in public spaces
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviour

For more information on the Code of Conduct, see here

To inquire about the code of conduct or to report a violation of the code of conduct, please contact the organizers via culturalevolution2022@gmail.com.  

Program (please visit Underline for the full program!)

Social Media

For SoMe interaction and live tweeting please tag @CulturalEvolSoc and use #CESconf2022


Presentation formats

Session talk: Session talks are scheduled in 15min slots, meaning that you should plan for a max. 12min presentation allowing time for one or two questions and some change-over time. It is of considerable importance for a smooth and equitable running of the conference that you stick to these time limits.

Ligthning talk: Lightning talks are scheduled in 5min slots, meaning that you should plan for a max. 3min presentation allowing time for one or two questions and some change-over time. It is of considerable importance for a smooth and equitable running of the conference that you stick to these time limits.

<<< Please note that the program is tight, so please do respect this slot times. >>>

Posters: Posters will be presented online and on-site during dedicated poster sessions occurring on both days of the conference. Poster format is landscape and posters may be no larger than 150 x 120 cm. Virtual posters will be coordinated by our partner Underline – they will be in touch in due time regarding the format specifics. Note that poster files will need to be submitted a few days in advance of the conference. When presenting your poster, particularly with respect to the presentation recordings to be made available to online registrants, you should spend no more than 3-5 minutes explaining the poster’s highlights, focusing particularly on main results and implications. Pleaase find detailed instructions here.

Hardcopy posters for in-person presenters can potentially be printed at the AU campus, but these requisitions should be made well before your presentation date: https://trykkeri.au.dk/en/. Alternatively, ypu can visit one of several copy shops in town.

Finding your way around the CES 2022 venue

All keynotes will take place in the very large lecture hall called AULA
The opening reception will be in rooms adjacent to AULA

All regular sessions will take place in the so-called Student House facility
There are four session rooms in total:

  1. Stakladen
  2. Richard Mortensenstuen
  3. Mogens Zielerstuen
  4. Preben Hornungstuen

Posters, lunch and registration will take place in our around Stakladen


Early bird registration

Member fee: 1500 DKK ~ 200 EUR / 230 USD

Non member fee: 2000 DKK ~ 270 EUR / 300 USD

Student fee: Waived due to a donation by Richard McElreath/MPI

Online fee (members): 1500 DKK ~ 200 EUR / 230 USD

Online fee (non members): 1800 DKK ~ 240 EUR / 275 USD

Standard registration

Member fee: 1800 DKK ~ 240 EUR / 275 USD

Non member fee: 2160 DKK ~ 290 EUR / 330 USD

Student fee: Waived due to a donation by Richard McElreath/MPI

Online fee (members): 1800 DKK ~ 240 EUR / 275 USD

Online fee (non members): 2160 DKK ~ 290 EUR / 330 USD

Inclusivity Supplements: Travel Awards, Registration Fee Waivers, and Support for Satellite Meet-ups

If you're facing financial barriers to attending the meetings in Aarhus, there may be some funds available to help:

Follow this link to apply for support for Registration Fee Waivers and Travel Awards:


And follow this link to apply for support to organize a regional meet-up to virtually attend with colleagues from your area:


The CES 2022 local organising committee

Contact Information

Email address: