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Programme Symposium

Monday, March 6.

11.00-12.00Coffee and registration (Conference Room 1, Students House)
12.00-13.00Lunch (Students’ House)
13.00-13.15 Welcome by Dorthe Refslund Christensen (organizer, DORS and AU) and Amanda Lagerkvist (co-funder of DORS3; DIGMEX (Leader of The Existential Terrains-programme at Stockholm University, Sweden (Conference Room 2, Students House)

Keynote I: (Conference Room 2, Students House)

Michael Hviid Jacobsen, professor, Aalborg University, DK: Beyond Ariès - Contours of 'Spectacular Death'

14.00-14.10 Short break

Paper Session 1 (PS1) (Conference Room 1, Students House)

Death and Society. Negotiating social agencies and relations:


Johanna Sumiala, University of Helsinki, Finland

Anu Harju, Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland

Arnar Arnason, Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK

Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, SDE Sociology and Business Law Department University of Bologna, Italy

15.30-15.50 Coffee, tea, water and fruit break

Keynote II (Conference Room 2, Students House):

Connor Graham, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, National University of Singapore: Human Mortality Humanness, Online Life and Death

16.35-16.45 Short break

Paper Session 2 (PS2) (Conference Room 2, Students House)


Tobias Raun, University of Roskilde, DK

Anders Gustavsson, University of Oslo, Norway

Lisbeth Frølunde, Roskilde University, DK

Luke van Ryn, University of Melbourne, Australia

18.15-19.00 Reception with a Middleterranean touch
Evening Feel free to enjoy lovely Aarhus

Tuesday, March 7.


Coffee and Good morning (outside Conference Room 2, Students House)


Keynote III (Conference Room 2, Students House):

Jed Brubaker, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder,

Postmortem Interaction 

9.45-10.00 Coffee, tea, water and fruit break

Paper Session 3 (PS3) (Conference Room 1, Students House)


Carsten Stage, Aarhus University, DK & Tina Thode Hougaard, Aarhus University, DK

David Myles, University of Montreal and University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada

Dorthe Refslund ChristensenAarhus University, DK& Kjetil Sandvik, University of Copenhagen, DK

Ylva Haard af Segerstad, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

11.20-11.40Short break
11.40- 12.25  

Keynote IV (Conference Room 2, Students House):

Annett Markham, Professor MSO of Information Studies, School for Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, Denmark,

Methods as Ethics: Challenges for studying death online

12.25-13.30 Lunch (Studenterhuset/Students’ House)
13.45- 17.00Cultural Excursion by bus to Moesgaard Museum: Life of the Dead (http://www.moesgaardmuseum.dk) Bus outside of the Students House
19.00Conference dinner at Restaurant LeCoq, Graven 16, 8000 Aarhus C

Wednesday, March 8.

8.30-9.00Coffee and Good morning

Paper Session 4 (PS4) (Conference Room 2, Students House)


Paula Kiel, London School of Economics and Political Science; London, UK.

Jo Bell, University of Hull, UK

Stine Gotved, IT University, Copenhagen, DK.

Sharon Greenfield, RMIT University, Australia.

10.20-10.45Coffee, tea and sweets

Plenary Panel (Conference Room 2, Students House)

from the research programme ”Existential Terrains: Memory and Meaning in Cultures of Connectivity”, Dept. of Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden. 

The Existential Terrains of Gender and Death Online


Amanda Lagerkvist, Stockholm University, Sweden

Timothy Hutchings, Stockholm University, Sweden

Michael Westerlund, Stockholm University, Sweden

Katya Linden, Stockholm University, Sweden

Charles Ess, University of Oslo, Norway

13.00-13.45Lunch (Studenterhuset/Students’ House)

Plenary discussion and wrap up(Conference Room 2, Students House)

Addressing challenges in the academic study of Death Online/ Future Dreams and Fantasies of the network

14.30-14.50Coffee and sweets and official goodbye
Time for business meetings etc


Conference locations and facilities

Symposium: March 6.-8. Aarhus University, Studenterhusfonden, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C, Conference Room 2 (2nd floor)

(Whiteboard, projector, sound system available)

Ph.d. course/workshop: March 9.-10. Aarhus University, Nobelparken, Jens Chr. Skousvej 2, 8000 Aarhus, Building 1485/room 316 (3rd floor)

(Whiteboard, projector, sound system available)

Presentation schedule

Keynote presentations: 45 minutes (40 minutes for presentation/5 minutes for questions)

Paper presentations: 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation/5 minutes for questions).