Aarhus University Seal

How to get to the venue

Bus and light rail 

To get to the conference venue by bus travel with Bus 200, Bus 18 or Bus 5A. All three busses stop near the conference venue. Tickets for travel within the city limits (Municipality of Aarhus limits) cost 22 DKK, but the special ECREA transport ticket covers travels with the light rail and bus during all conference days for 180 DKK. The special ticket does not cover transportation to/from the airport.  

The bus stops are located throughout Aarhus, making it easy to experience the city and get to the conference venue. To get to the conference venue’s west or south area stop at “Universitetsparken”. To get to the north or east area stop at “Aarhus Universitet (Ringgaden)”.  Remember to buy your ticket before entering Letbanen because you cannot buy tickets in the light rail train.  

To see bus and light rail routes and time schedules, download the app Rejseplanen or visit their website

By walking  

To walk from the centre of the city to the university takes approximately 30 minutes. The entire city is clean, compact and well-organised, which makes walking an excellent and enjoyable way to get around. 

By cycling  

Denmark is an ideal country for cycling. There are not many (very) steep hills and there are many safe cycling paths. The trip up the hillside from Aarhus centre to the University might be a bit of a challenge. Urban conditions for cyclists are one of the best in the world and are constantly being improved. Look out for the special cyclists’ routes (cykelruter) and cycle paths (cykelstier). Rent a bike at e.g. Donkey Republic, a hotel or rent a recycled bike at Refurbish Bike. 

By taxi 

To book a taxi, please call this telephone number (+45) 8948 4848 or ask your hotel receptionist. There is also a taxi stand right outside the main exit of the train station and conveniently located taxi stands all over the city. 


Parking in University area 

If you are travelling to Aarhus University by car, please note that it can be difficult to find free parking spaces during weekdays on the Aarhus University campus. 

As a guest of ECREA 2022, you can park for free between 7:00 on Wednesday 19 October to Saturday 22 October 23.00 if you register your license plate number through this link

Important: During the specified period, the parking permit is only valid for parking spaces covered by Aarhus University’s employee parking. The parking spaces are marked with black ParkZone signs with the heading “AU medarbejderparkering”. 

The parking spaces covered by AU’s employee parking can be seen on this map 

Please note that the permit is consequently not valid for 

  • The parking spaces by the Museum of Natural History and the Steno Museum in the University Park 

  • parking on public roads in and around the University Park where municipal parking rules apply. Parking on public roads requires payment by one of many parking apps or through a machine. Verify the conditions carefully as penalties tend to be very high.