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The Road to Global

  • 1945-Present Day: New Historical Perspectives
  • 3-4 November 2016
  • Aarhus University


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Participation by invitation only.

While attendance in the conference is limited to speakers only, the conference will host four keynote lectures which are open to the public. See the open keynote lectures here

The full conference program can be seen here


The present is characterized by a globalized economy, global inequality and poverty, and by very unevenly distributed social and economic human rights. Immense human suffering and inequality of life conditions thus stand side by side with historically unprecedented wealth, technology, and productive capacities. This is a paradox that is well known. It continues, however, to define our contemporary world. The two-day conference ‘The Road to Global Inequality, 1945-Present Day’ will examine the post-second world war historical trajectories of this present. While the field of neoliberalism has attracted much scholarly attention in the recent years, and often been offered as the reason for the persistent and growing international inequality, the aim of this conference is to explore and combine new or less developed historical themes and explanations of our current situation. There will be a particular focus on the level of ideas and discourse, and on international political and organizational history.


Main Organizer: 

Christian O. Christiansen
Aarhus University


Steven L. B. Jensen
The Danish Institute for Human Rights