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North Water Polynya Conference

Copenhagen, 21-24 November 2017

Aarhus University and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources proudly hosted the first International Conference of the North Water Polynya in November 2017. The theme for the conference was "Natural science on the North Water Polynya". The main sponsor of the NOWPolynya Conference was Oceans North Canada, and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark

The conference resulted in a conference book: The North Water Polynya White Paper, which may be downloaded and shared.

The entire conference was video recorded and all individual talks of the conference and panel debate can be viewed here.

The conference was arranged in collaboration with the NOW project funded by the VELUX Foundations and Carlsberg Foundations.

Yours sincerely,

Anders Mosbech
Senior Researcher, Head of Research and Advisory
Chair of Scientific Committee

Topics in short:

Physical Oceanography and Climate Change.
Marine biodiversity, productivity and food web studies.
Populations of Marine mammals, birds and fish.
Hunting and fishing.
Potential Environmental impact from industrial activities.


Panel debate on future perspectives with local stakeholders and key scientists

The panel debate is intended as a panel of selected key scientists and representatives of locals, the ICC North Water Commission and social scientists to discuss future perspectives.

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