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Issues in Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics, and Medical Practice

Issues in Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics, and Medical Practice

Aarhus University, 11-12 June 2018

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  • Conference Date
    11-12 June 2018
  • Venue
    Aarhus University


  • Abstracts: Deadline March 31, 2018
  • Registration: Deadline June 1, 2018


The Nordic-Baltic Network of Philosophy of Medicine was created in 2008 to bring together researchers working in the Nordic-Baltic region on various areas related to this broad field of the philosophy of medicine. In each subsequent year, this network has held conferences and workshops in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Denmark. The central aim of these conferences has been to explore a potentially shared identity concerning the philosophy of medicine in these various countries, and to do so by inviting both top researchers and young researchers (PhD and above) to take advantage of the cutting-edge research being done throughout these countries.

The motivations behind having a network for this specific geographic region are many. One reason is that many of the philosophy of medicine debates tend to be driven by North American interests and problems specific to North American healthcare systems. However, the Nordic-Baltic countries bring with them distinct issues that arise due to somewhat similar welfare states and the shared recent problems concerning welfare overextension and shifts to privatization. As such, this region produces rather interesting and unique perspectives on key issues: allocating health resources, the kinds of technologies used, how health and disease concepts emerge from distinct healthcare practices, translating population genetic research from large databanks into solidary healthcare systems, etc. Such topics take on a different meaning due to the distinctness of the healthcare systems in this region and so a conference elaborating such distinctness is crucial for this region’s self-understanding, as well as for its ability to contribute to broader international and global debates.


This year, the Nordic-Baltic Network of Philosophy of Medicine will hold its annual workshop in Aarhus in June 2018. We invite all scholars working in this field to give presentations addressing topics of their own choice within the philosophy of medicine or medical ethics, while considering their geographic relevance. Post-graduate students who would like feedback in a friendly and informal atmosphere are most welcome.


Please send your abstracts for presentations (max. 300 words) by March 16, 2018 to Jonathan Sholl (filjsholl@cas.au.dk) and Jacob Busch (filjab@cas.au.dk). Registration is open until May 15, 2018. General inquiries and registration requests can be sent to Jonathan: filjsholl@cas.au.dk.


  • Nordic-Baltic Network of Philosophy of Medicine
  • Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas, Aarhus University