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Rethinking inclusion

Rethinking inclusion and collaboration as a pathway
to inclusive school development

  • Conference in Copenhagen March 14 2019

About the conference

Researchers from the ‘Approaching Inclusion’ project invite colleagues and collaborative partners to participate in a one-day conference focusing on inclusive school development.

Despite legislative regulations, international conventions and political strategies, as well as a long history of international research on the subject, inclusive school development remains a huge challenge for teachers and other educators. In many cases, the transformation from ideals to practice has failed and the ability to respond to a diverse student population in inclusive ways seems hard and nearly impossible in a school context.

The presentations at this conference pinpoint central issues related to inclusive school development by questioning the dominant ideal of inclusion, with its roots in human rights, the assertion that diversity within communities is always a strength and the common approach of building capacity through collaboration between teachers and other educators in order to establish inclusive educational systems. Based on these presentations, we will discuss and reflect on dilemmas, barriers and potentials in relation to both research and school development. Such discussion and reflection may help us rethink our approaches to inclusion, inclusive communities and inclusive school development through collaborative processes. The final part of the programme offers an opportunity for inter-organizational and international networking and brainstorming.

Conference information­


  • Auditorium A220, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University,
    Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV
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Date and time

  • March 14, 9.30-15.30


  • Price 1250 DDK inclusive 25% VAT
  • Price 450 DKK inclusive 25% VAT, reduced student price requires student number