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What Is Robot Ethics? ...And Can It Be Standardized?

Pre-recorded talk | PERSPECTIVES

This video is not available any longer from this site; check the author’s personal websites for any additional postings;  the paper will appear in the RP2020 Proceedings in December


Michael Funk, University of Vienna (AT)


Michael Funk is a transdisciplinary researcher and teacher at the University of Vienna (Philosophy of Media and Technology, Faculty of Philosophy / Cooperative Systems, Faculty of Computer Sciences). Areas of research include robot ethics and philosophy of AI. He was co-organizer of the Robophilosophy 2018 conference in Vienna. Key publications are the Robophilosophy 2018 proceedings (co-editor) and the monograph “Roboter- und Drohnenethik. Eine methodische Einführung.” (Springer 2020). For further information see: www.funkmichael.comTBA


This paper develops an answer to the question what Robot Ethics is. In a language critical approach two levels and four meanings are reconstructed. The Focus is on the ways we practically talk about “Robot Ethics” and what we concretely mean by that. Therefore, trademarks of the current debate are conceptually analyzed both in the English- and German speaking debate. A systematic approach is then presented which offers an answer to the question whether ethics can be standardized or not – a question that gained recent interest due to several international regulatory activities in the field of robotics and AI.