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Frequently Asked Questions:

For participants:

Question: I want to register but can’t participate throughout the entire conference—what will I miss?

Answer: Plenary sessions will be recorded and remain available publicly after the conference.  You will miss out on the workshops and discussion sessions.  The pre-recorded talks are available between August 10 and 22; the conference papers from which the talks are drawn will be published in the RP2020 Proceedings in December.

Question: How can I directly engage in discussion with other conference participants?

Answer: The conference pages include buttons to social media pages (facebook, twitter: #robophilosophy).  Please keep in mind that these pages belong to an academic conference, and while we value critical contributions at all times a friendly, constructive tone is required. 

Question: Who will read my remarks and comments on the pre-recorded talks?  

Answer: The conference team who organizes the discussion sessions and the speaker of the talk you comment on.  If you wish to offer the speaker the possibility to respond to you, please leave your name and email in the message.  All content of the comment fields will be deleted within 5 days after the conference.

Question: Can I receive a 'certificate of attendance' for this conference? How many ECTS can I receive?

Answer:  Please contact rpc2020@cas.au.dk and state your request and your name.  Our letter of confirmation will state that full attendance throughout this conference, with submitted comments on at least half of the pre-recorded session talks, corresponds to 2.0 ECTS. The letter will also state that we rely, as usual, on an honor system.

For authors/speakers:

Question:  Where am I to upload my pre-recorded talk?  

Answer: Please go to rp2020.wetransfer.com -- the deadline is August 1, 2020.

Question: Where can I find guidelines for how to create an effective pre-recorded talk?

Answer:  The guidelines were sent out via the EasyChair system on July 4 and can also be found here. Since this is a scientific/academic conference, it will be best if talks focus on the effective communication of scientific content rather than on personal engagement.