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Important Guidelines for Session Speakers: How to Prepare for the Discussion Session

For Session Speakers = Authors of Pre-Recorded Talks:

(1) Please check again the time slot for the live discussion session of your talk—you will be on a ‘speaker panel’ together with the speakers of the other talks in your theme group (for groupings see ‘pre-recorded talks’ for the schedule of the live discussion sessions see ‘live events’).  For papers with multiple authors, only one author can be present in the live discussion session.  

On the day of your discussion session, the person who is the ‘panellist’ of your contribution, must use the following grammar when choosing a participant name for the zoom webinar: 

DS[number of your discussion session]-[firstname, lastname] 

For example, if Joan Smith is author of a paper listed in theme group “Ethics I”, she will be panellist in the discussion session 3 and thus should choose for the zoom webinar the participant name: 

DS3-Joan Smith 

(2) On August 17, before 12:00 CEST you will receive an email from us with (a) a list of all the comments and questions received for your talk so far, and (b) a selection of 3 questions, chosen by the moderator of the discussion session.   

(3) Your task will be to prepare for each of the 3 questions an answer that is no longer than 2 minutes.  All members of the speaker panel will address the same 3 questions, so the questions will be open but you should ensure that your answer is specific so that repetitions of general observations are avoided.  Your maximal speaking time is thus 6 minutes, in response to these questions, but we will take each question in turn. (Note: for papers with multiple authors present on the panel, the maximal speaking time is still 6 minutes, but answers can of course be distributed among the authors present). 

(4) The live discussion sessions will have the following format: 3 times a question is asked by the moderator and the members of the panel offer their answers one by one to this question.  Afterwards there is a period of 15 minutes open discussion, where also questions from the audience (via chat) can be taken up. 

(5) Beyond answering the 3 questions to be discussion in your discussion session, we trust that you will:  

(a)  listen to the other talks in your theme group and thus be ready to contribute to a constructive discussion session;  

(b) join the conference zoom webinar session at least five minutes before the begin of the discussion session as scheduled on the 'live events’; 

(c) have ensured, via a test session via zoom with friends, that your technical equipment works sufficiently well from the location you will be at during the discussion session.