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The Conference Proceedings of RP2018 will be produced with IOS Press, in the Series Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications.   For submission guidelines please see 'Submission to the Proceedings'. 

(Please beware:  predatory publishers may try to approach you and pose as submission platforms for the Proceedings of RP2018--all communication concerning publications therefore will be undertaken in personal emails by the conference organizers.)

In addition, several  anthologies or special issues will be prepared based on conference presentations and workshops (for comparison, in addition to the Proceedings, past conferences produced anthologies with Ashgate/Routledge (Nørskov: Social Robots) and Springer (Hakli/Seibt: Sociality and Normativity for Robots), and several special issues (e.g., in Ethics and Technology, Philosophy of Technology, and Techné).) 

NOTE: it is possible to submit a paper to BOTH the Proceedings (short paper) and a special issue or anthology (long version of the paper), provided the overlap in content is not more than 30%.

We will announce invitations to special issues /anthologies in personal mails, as well as by open call.

Currently the following special issues are open for submission:

(1) "Social Robots and Recognition: Socio-Ontological, (Machine-)Ethical, and Socio-Political Trajectories", Special Issue of Philosophy & Technology, ed. by M. Nørskov and S. Nørskov. Deadline June 1.

(2) "Social Robots, Emotions, and Social Cognition—Conceptual, Empirical, and Ethical Perspectives", Special Issue in Techné, ed. by J. Seibt and R. Rodogno. Deadline March 1, will be extended to March 31.