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Seminar Program

9.30-10.00Registration & coffee

Session 1

Muscle hypertrophy & strength – effect of milk proteins and caffeine
10.00-10.05 Welcome (Mette Hansen, PhD, Ass. Prof, AU, Dk)
10.05-10.40 Effects of different milk proteins on gains in muscle mass (Håvard Hamarsland, Ph.D, Oslo)
10.40-11.15 Effect of caffeine on strength and power (Truls Raastad, Prof., Oslo)
11.15-11.30 Small break
Session 2:

Performance enhancing effect of nitrate

11.30-12.05 Can elite athletes benefit from dietary nitrate supplementation? (PhD Kristin Jonvik, Maastricht University, NL/N)
Session 3: Exercise and diet intervention as therapy versus a tool for body figure idealization
12.40-13.15 Effect of using the combination of exercise and nutrition in treatment of eating disorders (Therese Fostervold Mathisen, Ph.D., Oslo)
13.15-13.40 Physical health in females fitness athletes; symptoms of relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-s)(Therese Fostervold Mathisen, Ph.D, Oslo)
13.40-13.55Small coffee break
Session 4: Low carbohydrate availability and protein supplementation in endurance sport

Low carbohydrate availability and caffeine - influence on adaption and performance in endurance athletes (Mette Hansen, Ass. Prof. Aarhus)

14.25-14.55 Effects of protein supplementation during carbohydrate restricted training in endurance athletes (Mads Sørensen Larsen, Ph.D stud, Aarhus)

Thanks for today (Mette Hansen, Ass. Prof. Aarhus)