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Hotel Vejlefjord

Hotel Vejlefjord is situated 20 km from the city centre of Vejle on the northern shore of the Vejle Inlet. The place was originally built as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1900. Time has changed, and the sanatorium is now one of the leading spa hotels in Denmark.

The location of today’s Hotel Vejlefjord was based upon a few vital criteria: a beautiful rural setting, far from heavy traffic and with access to good, clean air and inviting nature. The beautiful setting and the inviting nature are unchanged. The park and the surrounding forest inspire tranquility, and a variety of pathways allows you to explore the area afoot. As a guest at Hotel Vejlefjord, you may also enjoy the thermal baths (fee required).

The organizers are proud to present Hotel Vejlefjord as the venue for the Interdisciplinary Symptom Symposium.

Town of Vejle

Will you be spending a few extra days in Vejle? When international guests are asked what characterises the Vejle area, the answer is most often 'the scenery'. The hilly countryside around Vejle offers challenging rides for cyclists, and hikers enjoy the view, while yachters approach the shore. Vejle is beautiful nature – and a bit more.

Vejle has been nominated the cosiest shopping town in Denmark, and for many reasons. Leading chain stores and brand names neighbour boutiques, coffee houses and small restaurants to create an attractive mix for the curious shopper. Hopefully, you will have time to stroll the streets of Vejle before or after the symposium and find your new favorite café for lunch.

You could also explore Vejle Art Museum. Apart from an impressive collection of COBRA and landscape paintings, Vejle Art Museum also has a collection of Rembrandt etchings and sculptures by the Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen. The museum curator may take you on a guided tour.

Legoland, architecture and viking heritage

LEGOLAND® offers a world of great experiences for children of all ages. Most children are familiar with the colorful LEGO® bricks that can build anything you can imagine. These bricks were originally invented in Billund, just west of Vejle. More than 60 mio bricks were used to build the miniature models in the LEGOLAND®, and new models and activities are added each year. The amusement park is just as famous as the LEGO® bricks that lay the foundation.

Vejle has become a veritable showcase of modern architectural design by some of Denmark’s leading architects, including residential areas such as the Five Sisters (De fem søstre), Tróndur, the Spinning Mill (Spindehallerne) and the award-winning wave-shaped residential complex called the Wave (Bølgen).

The Viking king Harald Bluetooth renounced the Norse pantheon and embraced Christianity in 955 AD. He recorded this event on a runic stone placed close to the stone that his father King Gorm the Old had erected in Jelling a few years earlier. The runic stone also praises Harald Bluetooth's achievements in uniting Denmark and Norway and bringing Christianity to the Danes. The stone is often referred to as 'Denmark’s birth certificate'. The Jelling Monuments with the two runic stones, the two great mounds, the world largest stone circle and the impressive palisades are the most important cultural heritage monuments in Denmark, and they are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The town of Jelling holds a unique cultural heritage echoing the proud Viking past which is well worth experiencing.

Beautiful surroundings