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Prof. Nicola Stanley-Wall, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK:
The biofilm matrix: strategies for protection and exploitation

Prof. Kevin Foster, University of Oxford, UK:
Cooperation and competition in biofilms


Assistant Prof. Joan Geoghegan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland:
Molecular interactions of staphylococcal biofilm forming proteins

Prof. Henny van der Mei, University of Groningen, The Netherlands:
How do bacteria respond to their adhering state?

Prof. Ross Carlson, Montana State University, USA:
Multiscale analysis of microbial cross-feeding in biofilms: from Yellowstone hotsprings to chronic wounds

Associate Prof. Vaughn Cooper, University of Pittsburgh, USA:
Why evolution in biofilms is different, and a few remarkable consequences

Dr. Romain Briandet, INRA, France:
Tuning biofilms architecture to control their functions

Assistant Prof. Lars Dietrich, Columbia University, USA:
Interrogating the interplay of metabolism and structure in bacterial communities


Hans-Curt Flemming will host a plenum discussion about biofilm myths.

The programme will cover the topics:

  • Molecular mechanisms in biofilm formation
  • The biofilm matrix
  • Bacterial attachment
  • Modelling biofilms
  • Biofilm ecology
  • Evolution in biofilms
  • Biofilm contro
  • Novel methods for biofilm characterization