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China Sounds Abroad

China Sounds Abroad: Migration, Mobility and Modernity

  • 6-8 May 2021

Conference Information

  • Conference Date:
    6-8 May 2021
  • Venue:
    Online Conference


The conference aims at a systematic investigation of the sonic dimension of China’s modern history and rising global presence. With its focus on travel, mobility, reception, and meaning of Chinese musical sounds abroad, this international and interdisciplinary meeting seeks to come to a better understanding of the cross-cultural politics and ethics of music and sonic exchange.

The conference invites scholars and PhD students from different countries and disciplines who work on related topics in the field of China Studies. Historically, the presentations cover Chinese sound travels from the late 19th century into the present, addressing migration and the mobility of artists, concerts and recorded sound. They explore traditional operas, Buddhist music, classical music and various forms of popular music as well as musical instruments, and trace their social and cultural effects or agency in geographical regions such as the Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, the USA, Germany and Great Britain. The broad historical framework and the focus on a variety of travels and ‘sound agents’ encourage a unique comparative perspective, which allows a thorough academic reflection on Chinese sounds abroad.


Important Note: This is an online conference, and since our speakers Zoom-in from opposite sides and time zones of the globe, we decided to reduce the daily conference time to four hours, 15.00 – 19.00 DK-time.  


The conference is organized by Prof. Andreas Steen in cooperation with Prof. Frederick Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Prof. Andrew F. Jones (UC Berkeley).  

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  • ostas@cas.au.dk