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Shifting identities - creating change

Conversion and Initiation in Antiquity:

Shifting identities - creating change

  • 1 – 4 December 2012 in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Between AD 100 and AD 600, the Hellenistic-Roman world experienced radical transformations of religious identities, both of groups and individuals. The intimate relationship between conversion and initiation and the transformation of religious identity is our main motivation for focusing on these phenomena in the conference.

The intention is to bring together scholars from different academic disciplines in order to enlighten different aspects of conversion, initiation and religious identity within a comparative framework.

The conference is organized in the following sessions:

  1. Choice and belonging
  2. Agency in initiation and conversion
  3. Expressing change – bridge-burning or bridge building?
  4. The role of education in connection with conversion and initiation
  5. Global and local trajectories in ancient religions